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Lipska performs double duties through his roles as a student and a CNA


Luke Lipska came from Quinton High School and graduated right in the middle of the pandemic but still manages to hold a steady job with his college career. In high school, Luke participated in FFA and the speech & debate team for all four years, bringing home a plethora of awards in each activity. His successes in his high school years led to him being able to transition easier than most students.

Luke  is enrolled as a nursing major at Eastern Oklahoma State College and works part time as a CNA at a nursing home. He works at his job three days out of the week and has college classes for another three. This tight schedule leaves him only one day a week to himself.

When he is not on his grind, he uses his rare days off to visit the local library, go out with friends, or spend some time in  the garden. If he is feeling like he wants to add to his load, he will “do his side hustle of car detailing or reupholstering thrifted furniture.” He also does small landscaping projects for himself and others, in addition to everything else he does in a week. Luke always finds a way to keep himself busy and well rounded as a member of society.

The plan Luke has set for himself post-EOSC is to go on and work as a nurse while also continuing his education to become a doctor. For him, the end game is large and the road is long. However, he has enough stamina and will to push passed any obstacles that may stand in his way. Hours upon hours of hard work and dedication will hopefully pay off for him in the end. As long as there are breaks and times for mental health, a busy bee such as Luke Lipska should beagle to fly far!

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