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Eastern Oklahoma State College operates its own natural gas pipeline system, independent from our supplier, CenterPoint Energy.  This means that we are in complete control of the system and strive to provide a safe and reliable means of energy for gas-burning appliances on campus.

Ongoing safety compliance

In an effort to ensure that our gas system is operated in a safe manner, EOSC performs various annual safety inspections, such as checking the system for leaks and corrosion.

Notification of digging

To further ensure that our gas pipeline is safe and protected from damage, anyone who plans to do any digging on EOSC property must get approval from the Physical Plant office at (918) 465-1801 and is also required to notify Call OKIE at 811 at least 48 hours in advance.

Awareness of possible hazards

It is important to know that, although our gas system complies with all government safety regulations, there is always the potential for natural gas to escape from any gas system for various reasons.  If that happens, its flammability becomes an immediate concern.

If you smell the odor of natural gas….

Report it to the EOSC Campus Police immediately so that it can be checked out and action taken, if necessary, to prevent a potentially hazardous situation.

·        Do not call CenterPoint Energy or 911

·        Do not ignore your senses — get out of the building immediately! 

·        Do not use your cell phone or telephone, flip any light switches, turn on or off any electrical devices, or do anything to create static electricity.  Once away from the natural gas odor, notify the EOSC Campus Police of the suspected leak. 

·        Do not return to the building until an EOSC official tells you it is safe to do so.

EOSC Campus Police phone number (918) 448-2365.  Emergencies are responded to 24 hours a day. 

For additional information

This message is posted in buildings to meet a regulatory requirement.  If you would like to know more about our gas system, please contact the Physical Plant Director at (918) 465-1802.

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