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For over a year now, COVID-19 has been a nonstop problem worldwide. Since the beginning of the year, however, several vaccines have been released to hopefully return life back to normal.

A lot of college campuses have offered free vaccinations to anyone who wants to take it. Eastern Oklahoma State College is one of them. On Tuesday, March 30, Eastern offered the Moderna vaccine to its students.

Freshman Isabelle Hardy is one of the many who decided to take the vaccination, and she has plenty of great things to say about it.

“There was a clinic that checked us in, then the army were the ones administering the shots,” Hardy said. “ I went in and showed them my student ID, did paperwork with my information, then got led to a seat where they gave me a shot. It took about twenty minutes for the whole process since they make you wait for 15 after you get the shot. They were all very nice.”

Getting vaccinated may seem scary to a few people, but Hardy encourages her peers to take it if they feel comfortable doing so.

“Moderna is 94.1% effective at preventing COVID after the second shot,” Hardy said.

The vaccine is not mandatory, so you do not have to take it if you are skeptical or do not feel comfortable. With or without the vaccine, remember to practice social distancing and wearing your masks in appropriate public places.

Contact your local doctor’s office or Health Department for information on getting vaccinated.

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