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Eastern offers health services that include medical, behavioral health and counseling

By Jameson Coleman, Staff Writer

September is National Suicide Awareness Month and the Office of Student Services is providing medical, behavioral, health, and counseling services to all students. If you are a full-time Eastern Student enrolled this semester, you are eligible for these services. They are provided by a partnership between the Office of Student Services and the Health and Wellness Center for EOSC students.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is helping to raise awareness and shift the public perception on the topic of suicide. NAMI’s plan is to use September as a month for information spreading and an outlet to spread hope to anyone suffering with suicidal thoughts. NAMI is helping to end the taboo nature of this topic and allow the resources and information to be easily accessible to those who have struggled or know someone who has struggled with this mental health condition in the past. Young adults and college students are at a higher risk for self-harm. One of the leading causes of death amongst this demographic is suicide. NAMI lists that the annual prevalence of suicidal thoughts in the age group 18-25 is 11.8%. The services provided for EOSC students can help if you are struggling.

To ensure coverage of these treatments, appointments should be scheduled in advance through the Office of Student Services. The visits that are covered include basic office visits, treatment for minor illnesses, referrals to health care providers, and up to three counseling sessions for mental and behavioral health services. September is the month to spread information on this topic and get help if needed. You can contact the Office of Student Services for more information on this topic at 918-465-1818.

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