Eastern Statesman

Student newspaper of Eastern Oklahoma State College


Eastern Oklahoma State College’s TRiO program participated in TRiO Day at the State Capitol on Feb. 19th 2020. TRiO is a program on campus that helps college students who are first generation, low income, or have a disability. TRiO Day was an event where colleges with a TRiO program came from all across the state to the Capitol. Students were able to meet with their local Senator, who was Senator Boggs for Eastern. Boggs spoke to the students before all the colleges came together.

Eastern’s TRiO program was joined by a high school group known as Upward Bound. Upper Bound is a program in the cluster of programs known as TRiO. Unlike TRiO at Eastern, the high school group mainly focuses on low income students/

“SSS students that participated in TRiO Day at the Capitol had the opportunity to meet our local legislators and tell them about TRiO and Student Support Services.” Cynthia Valenzuela, Director, Student Support Services, said.

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