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United Ministries serves students in many ways


The United Ministries is a Christian based organization on the Wilburton campus at Eastern. It is a building located to the east side of campus, but it is also a place where they strive to love God and love people. Their mission is to create an inclusive support group on campus for students of all faith, cultures, and backgrounds. They aim to create a safe space to explore faith, to explore emotions and conversations and learn about each other.

It is a group that meets on Wednesday nights for different activities with the aim that the students of Eastern can take something away from. It may be games, art, or mission projects; it is anything from a ‘How to handle anxiety’ workshop or something like having movie night or making gingerbread houses. The United Ministries is always doing something for all students to participate in. Dana Hugle, the Director of United Ministries, explained how “it is important to us as a college community to embrace the diversity here on campus and really learn from one another and we can only do that is spaces where we’re allowed to share our opinions in an open and honest way.”

The group meets on Wednesday nights and all are welcome to attend.

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