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Paul Mitchell Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary With Limited Edition Box

ERIN WILLIS, Staff Writer

Paul Mitchell is a staple of affordable high end hair products. With a whole line dedicated to many different things there’s a product for every issue. To celebrate 40 years of the company existing there is a new, limited edition, box called the ‘Obsessed Birthday Box’. This box includes Tea Tree Special Color Shampoo, Tea Tree Special Color Conditioner, Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Keratin Intensive Treatment®, Paul Mitchell® Super Skinny® Serum,Paul Mitchell® Hot Off The Press®.

Both the tea tree special color shampoo and conditioner are made specifically for colored hair to help prevent color fading, with the added tea tree oil to help cleanse the scalp. The keratin intensive treatment uses keratin to help strengthen and repair hair strands. Super skinny serum is a blow-out primer which smooths hair as well as fights against humidity. Hot off the press is a heat protectant mixed with a light hold hairspray to add shine and hold.

This box retails at $15 and ships free. This box also includes an special offer; should your box have a golden ticket inside you win a limited edition curling iron! 

This box, as well as the other special edition boxes, is proof to how well received Paul Mitchell products are. There are many salon schools opened in Paul Mitchell’s name with just as high a reputation as the products they sell. 

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