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By CULLEN MURRIN, Staff Writer

I recently watched the movie “X” at the theater, and it was deeply disturbing. It follows a group of

filmmakers as they set out to make an independent adult film. They rent out a farmhouse on the

property of an old Texas couple, who don’t know what they are going to be doing there. This is a

film about the sorrow of being old.

As her guests get busy with their filming, the old woman creeps about and watches. She misses

her life before she was old. When she was beautiful. She misses intimacy, and can’t get it with her

husband anymore, whose heart couldn’t take the effort. As the film goes on, the old woman begins

to feel a burning hatred for and jealousy toward the young film crew, and begins to kill each of

them one at a time.

She is old and unable and hates them for having and doing what she no longer has or can. This

movie was well made and very, very effective. I felt extreme sorrow for the old woman, even while

she brutally murdered the younger cast of characters. It made me not want to get old.

There were some seriously intense and unsettling sequences in the movie as well. In one scene

the woman sneaks into one of her guest’s bedrooms, strips off her clothes, and climbs into bed

with her. The music sounds like a loud, thumping heartbeat. The woman had already killed one of

the group before this, so I was left to wonder if she would just lay with the girl, or lay with her and

then kill her. She caresses the girl’s body until she wakes and lets out a horrified and disgusted


The movie also had a few moments that made me laugh as well, which thankfully lightened the

mood a bit. “X” is a very effective and intense horror movie, and I took the experience of seeing it

with me. It showed a broken and unhappy woman who feels the way she does because she can’t

look in the mirror and think that she’s pretty anymore. She can’t do the things she used to. She

just exists now. Seeing her in that state and seeing the effects of it on other people was both

saddening and scary.

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