Eastern Statesman

Student newspaper of Eastern Oklahoma State College


To commute or not commute, that is the question faced by many newly enrolled college students. Both decisions of whether to live on campus in a dormitory or to commute, comes with their own variety of pros and cons. With abilities and restrictions that can be polar opposites from one another. 

With the negative aspect for both being quite often the general ones. For commuting it is the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle and the significant amount of time spent on said commute. While living on an on campus comes with certain and necessary lacks in the fields of privacy and responsibility.

With the positive aspects able to certainly give the negatives a run for their money. Naturally, the most alluring aspect of commuting is that it means you either live alone or with your Parents/Grandparents. Which in my case is the former; to live alone makes the daily two-hour commute four-times a week, well worth it. Yet, few can deny that living on campus offers more social and educational abilities. As well as far more convenient access to the student based campus facilities. Some of these campus facilities are internet access, computer labs, the library and campus events. These things are known to contribute to the overall college experience.

Considering the atmosphere that suits likings and tastes is what persuaded me into commuting, even with my weary daily commute.

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