Eastern Statesman

Student newspaper of Eastern Oklahoma State College

“My biggest challenge [I have faced] would probably be when my father passed away because I haven’t been able to see my sisters. He was in a car wreck when my stepmother fell asleep. Me, my stepmother, and my three sisters were in the car and he was hit head on by a Toyota. It messed up his hip and broke both of his arms and later on he got a wheelchair. About two years later he was in another car wreck that took his life.

   “I feel like I’ve dealt with it alot better than most people because for the first one I just kind of saw it as a miracle that he was able to see my sisters grow up a little bit. He was living in pain and it was just heartbreaking to see him live through the pain and after it happened it was just kind of like a release. There was no more pain and it was just all kind of dealt with.”

– Anonymous

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